A few things that aren't right in the FLOSS culture (and beyond)

Back in March, the lead developer of Adélie Linux published three short pieces on her blog that are really worth reading. All of them deal with bad and considerably harmful attitudes in the FLOSS sphere, the technology field in general and the internet at large.

From my own experience, I can very much relate to what is being said there and was glad to see someone address these issues in a no-nonsense and to-the-point manner. I can only agree completely with the author in all three cases.

So, without further ado, here come the links:

How to parse command-line arguments. Four canonical documents.

A programming issue I've been dealing with quite intensively lately is how to properly parse command-line arguments in programs I write. This article will introduce four canonical documents on how to do that.

As a preliminary remark, let me say that I'm well aware of the fact that pre-build parsers exist for many programming languages and don't mean to discourage their use. This article is specifically about resources that provide general, language-agnostic information on how such a parser should behave, in case you want to or have to build your own.

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An introduction to Adélie Linux in German

Adélie Linux is an upcoming independent Linux distribution currently in beta stage (1.0-BETA2 released in December 2018). The project's focal points include striving for a POSIX-compliant system that will run on a wide variety of different hardware architectures and be useful to expert and novice users alike. On top of that, Adélie developers are quite picky about security, efficiency, reliability and correctness of implementation concerning just about anything they ship as part of the distribution. This and the fact that the small but dedicated community is very welcoming make Adélie a promising new Linux-based system, in my view.

However, one thing that Adélie currently lacks totally is documentation in any other language than English. So, in an effort to help spread the word about this distribution in other languages as well, I sat down in January to write a short introduction to Adélie in German, which is my native language. The effort was well received on the project's IRC support channel, even leading to one of the German-speaking package maintainers getting involved in the process.

The result is available at:

Hello, world!

As of January 1st 2019, msiism.org is online.