An introduction to Adélie Linux in German

Adélie Linux is an upcoming independent Linux distribution currently in beta stage (1.0-BETA2 released in December 2018). The project's focal points include striving for a POSIX-compliant system that will run on a wide variety of different hardware architectures and be useful to expert and novice users alike. On top of that, Adélie developers are quite picky about security, efficiency, reliability and correctness of implementation concerning just about anything they ship as part of the distribution. This and the fact that the small but dedicated community is very welcoming make Adélie a promising new Linux-based system, in my view.

However, one thing that Adélie currently lacks totally is documentation in any other language than English. So, in an effort to help spread the word about this distribution in other languages as well, I sat down in January to write a short introduction to Adélie in German, which is my native language. The effort was well recieved on the project's IRC support channel, even leading to one of the German-speaking package maintainers getting involved in the process.

The result is available at:

Hello, world!

As of January 1st 2019, is online.