Feel free to send me questions and comments.

I've decided not to put my e-mail address onto this page directly, however, to protect it from spam. So here's a way to put it together manually:

The first three letters of msiism make up the user name, which is, of course, followed by the @ symbol. Next comes the server name, which is malbolge. That is in turn followed by the last three letters of the word internet, prefixed with a dot.

You can encrypt messages using my public GPG key.
The key's fingerprint is:

2014 0821 F8D0 F2F8 E4BF B20C E8B8 8178 CDE1 6E64

Note: Please do not send me HTML e-mail. Use plaintext. If any files you'd want to attach to your message exceed the size of 3MB (combined), please upload them to a file server instead and include a download link in your message. Also, if you're planning to attach or upload a bunch of files (a bunch being more than 3), please package them. The zip utility provides a fairly compatible way to do this.

Last changed: 2023-07-23