Authentic pufferfish for penguins: How to create verified OpenBSD installation media on Linux

Note: Shortly before this article could be finished, the release of OpenBSD 6.6 happened and anyone installing a new OpenBSD system should now use that. The text has been reviewed to ensure everything written below still applies.

Recently, I decided to put OpenBSD on a spare old PC to have it available for reference, portability testing and gaining some insight into how this system generally works. While installing it turned out to be surprisingly easy, one thing that needed some investigation was how verifying an OpenBSD release image works and how to do that on a Linux system.

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No fun with auto-paged ls. A tale of futile optimization.

Something that had recently begun to annoy me when using the command line was that more often than not, when I'd list files with ls, I'd have to re-run the command right after that, but pipe its output to a pager this time, because the listing didn't fit into the terminal window. As I often prefer to see one file per line instead of the multi-column output ls provides by default, this quickly became a nuisance. So, I set out to find a clean and simple way of having the output of ls piped to a pager automatically whenever it would exceed the number of lines available in a terminal window or at a TTY.

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A few things that aren't right in the FLOSS culture (and beyond)

Back in March, the lead developer of Adélie Linux published three short pieces on her blog that are really worth reading. All of them deal with bad and considerably harmful attitudes in the FLOSS sphere, the technology field in general and the internet at large.

From my own experience, I can very much relate to what is being said there and was glad to see someone address these issues in a no-nonsense and to-the-point manner. I can only agree completely with the author in all three cases.

So, without further ado, here come the links: